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If you aren’t using Facebook to promote your practice, you're making a HUGE mistake!

Announcing the world's best "Do-It-for-You"
Facebook Timeline Posting Service for Chiropractors

How does it work?

Step 1: Register now for our Do-It-For-Your Facebook Timeline Posting Service

Step 2: Instantly, you will receive instructions on how to set up your account

Step 3: We will begin posting to your Facebook Page Timeline within 24-48 hours of your setting up your account.

It's simple, easy and affordable. 

It's FREE to try!

Sign up now and you'll receive Chiro Posting Services at no charge for the next 14 days, with absolutely no obligation to buy.

If you're not happy, you can cancel within the first 14 days by simply sending us an email that you'd like to cancel. 

After 15 days, you will be charged only $100 registration plus $96 per month 
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Can I still post to my Page? 

Yes, it's your Page... If you'd like to add your own posts you and/or your staff can add anything you'd like to anytime...

You're in charge. If we ever post something and you do not like it, you simply delete that post and it's gone... We've made posts seen by tens of thousands of people and we know what works but it's your Page and you're always in charge.

The Facebook posts we create for you will:

• Keep your name in front of your patients

• Attract more new patients

• Encourage referrals

We’ve done this for many chiropractors, we know what works!
Here's an example:

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Check out these live examples:
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Life University:

Dr. Marc Gottlieb: 

Chiropractors using our service will tell you - they love it!
Here's what one of our many satisfied clients has to say about it:
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This is the Chiropractors Ultimate Facebook Solution 

One of the most difficult parts of making Facebook work for your practice is figuring out who should post, what information, how often.

 You and your staff shouldn't be wasting time on Facebook, you should be focused on serving people...

Everyone knows social media is the modern way to connect and communicate.   A billion people are on Facebook almost every day connecting and sharing the things they 'Like'. 

Here's the catch... To be successful on Facebook you MUST focus on updating your Facebook page on a daily basis. 

But logging into Facebook every day and thinking of something good to post sounds like just another thing on your long to-do list that likely won't get done. That makes Facebook seem like a giant waste of time and not worth the investement.

Your day is busy enough seeing patients and doing all the other tasks you need to focus on in order to keep your practice operating successfully.

That's exactly why we created this Chiro Posting Service.

Stop wasting time on Facebook trying to figure out what to post and let our experts 'Do-It-For-You...'

14 Day Free Trial

Sign up now and you'll receive Chiro Posting Services at no charge
for the next 14 days, with absolutely no obligation to buy.

If you're not happy for any reason, you can cancel within the first 14 days by sending us an email with your request to cancel.

After 15 days, you will be charged only $100 registration plus $96 per month
(that's 50% OFF regular pricing)

No contract, commitment. Cancel at any time!

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Special Bonuses:

You're going to love Chiro Social Media Academy -
The ultimate social marketing workshop for chiropractors 

Register now... and we'll include a complimentary membership to Chiro Social Media Academy, the world's best 7-Day Facebook Training for Chiropractors. 
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No joke - this is a $499 course you'll receive absolutely free... We want you to succeed and here's exactly how you can get even better results on Facebook. 

Bonus #2

Register now for a free 14 day trial and we'll also send you your own sign
I Like my chiropractor you will too...
* Sorry but due to shipping costs, this free sign bonus offer is for US clients only 

Working together, not only can you grow your impact and your practice but our collective voice can change the world...

Now's our time Chiropractors... Facebook is the tool.. 

Who are we and why are we doing this? 
Chiro Posting Service is a Do-It-For-You Facebook Timeline Posting Service, a joint-venture project between Life University and Fan Page Generator. Dr. Guy Riekeman, President of Life University and Dr. Jason Deitch, Life Alum and Founder of the world's premier Facebook training, design and consulting firm for Chiropractors have joined forces to help chiropractors use Facebook as the social networking powertool it is designed to be. 

We have a dream... We believe if we can help thousands of chiropractors to build an audience and connect with thousands of people through Facebook that collectively we can reach millions of people everyday and together we will bring the chiropractic story to the masses and save more lives... 
If you believe what we believe, join us and be a part of our chiro social network.

The larger our network of chiropractors grows, the more we can re-invest in creating viral videos just like these... 
Click here for an example of one of our favorite chiropractic viral videos you can share right now.

Want to grow your impact and your practice on Facebook?
We'll 'Do-it-For-You' 

Do-It-For-You Facebook Timeline Posting Service for Chiropractors

for 14 days, then $100 Registration + $96/mo 
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